Transmission Lab has set its first operational challenges:

To identify, collect, analyze in-depth and gather a maximum of successful transmission experiences, in France and abroad, by understanding their real contexts and their actual modalities.

To share and transmit these experiences and their teachings, to a maximum of small and mid-caps managers concerned.

We believe indeed:

▪ The power of concrete examples

▪ The need to benchmark over a wide scope with constant improvement.

Scientific research in collaboration with IMD in Lausanne

« How and why founders decide to prepare the transmission? – in the context of French SMEs »

Challenge: Leaders, especially founders, have more trouble to pass on their business when they have reached a certain age. A question of excessive attachment, lack of confidence in the successor, or scary complexity ? The purpose of this research is to understand the main factors that motivate or thwart the succession of a company in order to subsequently evaluate the most favorable options.

In collaboration with the Family Affairs Center of IMD Lausanne, we conduct in-depth interviews with the leaders of French companies. We seek to build a theoretical model to facilitate transmission in the most favorable conditions, to the most appropriate person, and at the best time.


TRANSMISSION LAB wishes to carry out very quickly two key studies:

A study on the impact of transmission on small and mid-cap companies

▪ Challenge: show very concretely how a successful transmission enables small and mid-cap companies to grow and innovate sustainably.

In collaboration with BPI, based on the study already carried out with the large groups “Transmit to Grow”, we try to transpose it to small and mid-cap companies

A European benchmark

▪ Challenge: to understand why the transmission performs better in some of our European neighbors, to draw the necessary positive lessons.

In collaboration with our partners, study, understand and simply formulate the best European examples (Germany, Italy, Switzerland), but also on the Danish example of business foundations.


At the same time, TRANSMISSION LAB wishes to quickly stimulate exchanges, sharing and opportunities for progress by:

Workshops for managers of small and mid-cap companies

▪ Challenge: to meet leaders everywhere in France and raise the awareness of the issues of transmission and its anticipation..

Build 2h workshops in partnership with APIA, APM, MEDEF, CCIs, and local associations.


▪ Challenge: implement structured opportunities for full exchange around testimonials and experts.

First project in progress, in partnership with the CCI, the University of Le Mans (see Q1 2019)

First intervention at BIG - Bpifrance Inno Génération- 11 October 2018


Through its network of business leaders who have already experienced and managed a transmission, TRANSMISSION LAB aims to:

Accompany leaders in their (long*) process of transmission:

▪ Reflect, Listen, Share
▪ Structuring the project / governance – Company / Family / Heritage
▪ Identify all options
▪ Define the action plan
▪ Plan the succession / Initiate and train the successor / Communicate
▪ Prepare the change of life

Create a virtuous circle of successful transmissions and thereby encourage reciprocity and commitment to grow the circle of sponsors and mentors

* All the studies show a necessary period of transmission which is between 2 and 10 years


TRANSMISSION LAB wishes finally to associate itself with the government works on the questions of transmission, in order to influence them positively.

Awareness and influence actions

▪ Challenge: to participate in the current work of the Ministry of the Economy around the PACTE law, particularly shareholding foundations, to acquire a power of advice and influence.

Take the opportunity to defend a fair, concrete, modern and positive vision of the transmission conditions necessary for sustainable growth.