To what extent is the transmission also a CSR issue?

To what extent is the transmission also a CSR issue ?

Beyond the studies highlighting the French obstacle around the SMBs transmission (thirty-percent decline of transmissions in 3 years cf. BPCE Observatory) and the economic, societal and territorial urgence put down by the firm leaders aging, the transmission is also and overall synonym of a long-term project and a human adventure.

It was the main issue of the conference organized by the Transmission Lab in the CCI from Le Mans for the launch of the Chair « Governance and CSR » at the University with the MMA Foundation.

The reflexion starts with the following question asked by Laurent Allard from Family&co : what project would like to write down, which mark would like to leave ?

  • for yourself?
  • for the firm and its interested parties of whose the staff members?
  • for… and WITH your children?

Our witnesses – Anita Cosme (Cosme) et Emmanuel Vasseneix (LSDH) underly the importance of the preparation and the discussion that need transparent exchanges and trustful but also examples/benchmarks with other companies.

In this context, a structured governance in the firm will get a strong added-value as Jean-François Yerle from the Fidal cabinet presented it. The entrepreneur has to organize himself with independent administrators, advisors and the staff members to have the good debates, take the best decisions, have the good « climbing ropes » to the good levels in the organization (governance and firm direction), whether it is about values and senses, performance, calendar or financial or legal structuration issue.

Thus, the transmission could finally become an in-depth operational project and growth and not a forced, constraint and suffered step anymore.

To conclude, let’s quote the last word form Emmanuel Vasseneix : this reflexion goes through the opening ans the sharing, with relatives, with staff members, and through the experience sharing of peers, advice and other families that already went through this !