Transmission Lab, a new actor that aims at helping the firm leaders to transmit

By Corinne Caillaud,

Her creator, Nadia Nardonnet, inspired from a painful personal experience to create this incubator of firm transmission.

Go out of the transmission taboo and the succession deny. Such are the objectives for Nadia Nardonnet who, with Transmission Lab, just created an absolute transmission incubator. This leader, who managed firms in media and services sectors, grabbed this issue to « enable France to retain their firms and make the tricolor economy grow », she affirms. But this is also because she debuted her professional career with a painful experience.

After her father’s death, she ended up at the head of the construction industry family group that employed 800 collaborators. The group, composed with 13 companies, went through difficulties ; she was required to restructure it whereas she wasn’t prepared to such responsibilities. « I didn’t have the necessary distance and I went through a double trial in this step of my life », Nadia Nardonnet confesses, who had governed the group for three years before selling it.

« We are taught how to create firm, how to develop and to manage it, but never how to transmit it »

If this professional start did not prevent her from having successful career, she wants today to raise awareness among leaders to the importance to anticipate their firm’s transmission.

« We are taught how to create firm, how to develop and to manage it, but never how to transmit it », Nadia Nardonnet regrets while noticing that « it is difficult to turn SMBs into big companies if we are not able to make a firm last over generations. » Transmission Lab, created as an endowment found and with BpiFrance as a partner, aims at making investigations in France and abroad and to publish white papers inspiring successful experiences.

Her founder also wishes to meet leaders to start the process of transmission and to accompany them in this approach. « There can’t only be fiscal matters. When we address this issue, the firm leader should wander about the project he wants to transmit and on the sustainability of their company » she explains. Beyond those different missions, Nadia Nardonnet wants Transmission Lab to be the structure of reference on the firm transmission issues.