Transmit a firm? A rich action, a large issue!

If we think about it, transmit a firm is not only a financial, legal and fiscal question, as too often it is reduced to. It is also and always the transmission of a living property, made with knowledge, culture, values, histories, relationships…

Transmit is then not only an individual action, born from the supposed unilateral decision’s owner-manager(s) concerned. It is also and always a collective commitment, that concerns and leads the old ones as well as the new leaders, their staff members, their customers, their partners.

Transmit, it is then not only selling finally and « hand over » to new a owner. It is first and foremost ensuring a continuity, a sense and a sustainability.

Because entrepreneurship is always a collective action, transmission is always a dynamic one, that projects us into the future. The transmission deserves from everyone a true consideration… and real strategies !