What’s the point to know… if we don’t transmit ?

What’s the point to know… if we don’t transmit ?

For a long time, we mainly asked to elites to learn, to be educated, cultivated, « savant ». It is the – rare then – engineer, doctor, lawyer, professor knowledge that guarantees valuable and sustainable social positions.

Then, mainly in companies, under the pressure of performance and results, it has become a matter of developing the skills rather than the competences.

In a world even faster, more complexe, more intersecting, where knowledges are more available and the competences less sustainable, the interpersonal skills – the « soft skills » – become progressively essential. And it is determining.

But can we be satisfied with it ? Because if the current world calls indeed for high qualities of adaptability, that means real learning capacities… the transmission is its cornerstone ! The transmission-knowledge will finally become decisive…

Entrepreneurs, leaders, managers : what is well conceived can be transmitted even better. And only what is transmitted can fertilize the future…